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3 ttursday, december 6tt. -tease countdown to christmas- we're giving away gifts every day through eve.ourrlucky winners will get a chance to choose a gift from under the stay tuned 3 3
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3 3 we areefollowing breeking news out of baltimore county this morning... an elderly an iss dead and two fire fighters injured... aftee a late night this hour... investigators are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened. happened.megan gilliland is streaaing now in baldwin with a look at the daaaaeeleft behind. good morning guys, 33 3 33 &p3- two officers are two officers are hurt in
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separate crashes in anne arrndel ccunty.officials ssy anne arundel county police officer richard stand was driving in severna park tuesdayyand sserved to avoid an animal....flipping his cruiserrhe went to shock ttauma with non life threatening injuries.a sscond officer was hurt in a crash mondaa night... whiie passdena.he's expected to be o-k. &pgunfire rings out at st. joseph medical enter. baatimore county police say hospital workers were trrating a prisoner... when they found a needle hidden in his cloohes. the prisoner allegedly grabbed a worker....before geeting into a struggle with an offiier who was supposed to be guarding him..hat's when the
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officers eventually ame to er - one was hurt. a baltimore blogger is faaing more charges this morning after a weekend standoff with p. policc.((audio of macarthur)) &pmacarthur)) officers aarested ames macarthur saturday... after a confrontation that he streamed live online.police saa they later discovered a awed-off possessing any weapons... e..- after being convicteddof similar charres ten years go. charging docuuents saa macarthur also made threatening comments to police. (carrer) "i think that he had reason to believe that heemay nnt be treattd fairly or hh may not be safe in the hands of police." police."macarthur has been denied bail. hear macarthur's entire conversation with police.its on our website... fox- baltimore dot com slash raw news p prince george's county judge
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rules against former delegate &ptiffany alston. the judge handed down his decision eeterday.he said that alston was officially october... after ccepting a plea deaa on charges of misconduct.alston had been trying to fight her removal. a hearing for bradley manning... the army private, charged with leaking thousands of classified military documents... continues today. manning claims he was illegally held in maximum harss that his case should be dississed. ut the conditions werr needed to keep killing himself. the marine manning on suicide watch for at least 7 days of his 9 months' confinement.that brig commander is expected to testify at today's hearing. the man who police say shoved a fellow new yooker to &psubway station... is now - charged with murder. as ainsley earhardt xplains... for the fiist tiie... the victim's wife and daughter are
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lostt this is the man nnw york city police ssy is responsible por pushhng a man nto the old naeem davis arraigned -- charged with second degree murder.a judge orddring him to be held behind barr -- without bail.davis was taken ito custody tuesday afteenoon -- just a block from an entrance to he subway where the incident happpned monday..8 year-old ki-suck han of rolled onto the tracks -- before being sruck by a 'q' later.kelly says: "the man, as we've seen, tried to climm out of the well anddwas pinned between the stationnann the train when the train came into the station."cameras, capturing the confrontationn between the men.
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autiin:mos says: "i mean, it makes me really have to waach myyback when i'mmstanding ere on the platform." citizens of korea -- the hannfammly caae to the united states 22 years a news conference child said "it would have been great"... if somebody had helped her father in his final mooents.han says: "my dad was just hesitate to not help - aayone else so. he was always there for someone if they need wednesday nnght for han's wake...a photo beside his open casket. (earhardt on cam tag)han's family saying their ffnal gooobyes this morning at his funeral.meantime, davis ill be back in coort on december new york, aiislly earhardtt foxxnews. the colorado movie theater... where a gunman pened fire during the latest "batman" movie... is officially set to reopen next year. the city's mayor's office says it will ppen to the public on jjnuarr 18th. the theater plans to run free movies to the public...
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for the first couple days of its reopening. 12 people were killed and 58 were injured... when james holmes allegedlyy the battle ver a little -girl nearly two years ago... ends in favor of her biological fathr father terry a-chane says he and his wife were having problems in marrh &p2011... when he had to leave for duty in south carolina.he claims hii wife cut off communication... and put their his consent. she ust made tte decision not for me to be a father and went behind my back and deceived me. me.terry says he hassbben trying to get his daughter back rom the adoption agency since june 2011.the girl's aamost no initiative to find k - her... and never trued to get any upddtes on her health and well being.they believe the judge made ssrious legal errors in his decision to award custody to a-ccane and plan to appeal the decision.
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flu season is starting out far... hospitals are seeing a record number of patients filling up emergency country. here in mmryland... there haae been 34 deaths september of this year.thatts according to the centers for prrvention... whichhsays all were younger than 18 years old. plu cases typicallyypeak in february... but with cases starting now... experts say the sttains doctors are seeing suggess this could beea áseverelyá bad flu season. (:24) ome to the hospital when you have a fever that's more than 100.4 that you cannot control with tylenol or motrin you cannot old anything down you are throwing up you are having diarrhea you are really weak you jjst can't get out of bed.... bed.... if you haven't to ggt the ffu shot..he c-ddc an excellent match with the iifluenza that'' currently circulating. 3
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&pcompletely tearrng your trice out of work.but that's not thee cass for ravens linebacker, lewis.on wednesday... just 7 weeks after surgery to repair a torn tricep... ray lewis was back on the practice field. he's been rehabbing since last peek... and is not eligible to ánextá sunday... when the til - ravens will host denver.lewis did not speak with reporters... but did iisue a statement saying the focus should be onáthisá sunday's gaae with the redskins... not him. &pcoming up on the earlyy baak.(sadii) "i don't think ssnta lause will know where pheir houses.. because they don't haae a houue. hhuse. the amazing ay a baltimore child is saving chistmas... for victimm oo hurricane sandy.
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((break 1)) [ loud party sounds ]
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nine grams protein. zero fat. (((d lib meteorologist))
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3 ((traffii reporter ad llbs)) map green liberty 40 map 3
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3 3 3
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still to come... tis the season... for festive decoratin. decorating.the newwnumbers -&t in holiday-rrlated injuries. (sadie) "i don't think santa clause will know where theer houses.. because they don't have a house. house.attempting to make the holidays brighter... for the victims of hurricane sandy.the 5-year-old who's idea... has taken on a life of ittsown. ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪
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[ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try a steak, egg white & cheese, tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh. but the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel, because it helps to strengthen the enamel. and i believe it's doing a good job.
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because it helps to strengthen the enamel. for children maae homeless by superstorm sandy, christmas brighter.. thanks to a nd 5-year-girl in southeast baltimore.keith dannels tells us about the litttl girl's idea... that's now gone vvral. sadie mirjafary is 5-year-old álittle girl..á with a ábigá hhert.... she's sandy.(sadie) "i donnt think -
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santa clause wiil know where their houses.. because they don't have a house. i think i'm going to be the one to give them toys!" sadie knows that she'sságettingá hooiday presents.. that makes hee happy. so does thh joy the chiidren to be happy too. like, they can have their toys so they can play with them.. causs they don't have aay toys anymore." sadie's toy drive ssarted about two weeks behind by sandy. she told her mother, let's ive the piis toys...(ms. mirjafary)" i were going to do it...." .........she ádiiá it with facebook, an event page. sadie asked for donations.. unwrappee toys foo any aag child.. and the people responded.(ááánats up full: "what is all of that?" "it's a lot of stuff!"ááá) ........stuffed animmls, gamms, scooters... nearly
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$3000 dollars worth of toys pollected in such a short ime. a child asked for help.. people answered. a proud mom calls the reaction magical.(mss mirjafary) "it's my goal as a mom tt raise an thought she'd take it to this takes it to another levvl da (laughter)" so many bassment......(sadde) "i'm sadie clause!!".........a little bit of the north pole pn southeast baltimore. p (ááá"i'm gonna giveethe &ptoys to he chillren..."ááá) 3& if you want to donate.. sadie and her elves are event this satuuday.. from - marsh. you can drop off your new, unwrapped toy for a child of any ge. 3 all donations will be sent to st. mary's by the sea parish in point pleasant, new jersey. ruppert
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landscaping is donating the trucks for delivery. straight ahead... decorrting da. dangers.the tricks to prevenning ersonal injuries... and damageeto your home. ((break 3)) 3
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holiddy decorations make a home more festive, but they can also be dangerous if ponsumers aren't careful. consumer watch. 3 holiday decorationsscaa go from delightful to 3 danggrous in just econds new numbers from the consumer product safety commission point to a recent increase in injuries related to holiday decorations. the estimmted numbbr of incidents -- from 12,000 in 2009,to 14,000 - last holiday season. c-p-s-c estimates hristmas tree fires
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like this one costtccnsumerr assmuch as 19 million dollars 2008 and 20-10. a longer n - stretch between thanksgiving and christmas this year means with with live trees. consumers are buying them can cause problees. often people are having such a great time during the holidays that they forget to water the tree which can lead to a terriile fire. in additton to keeping the tree stand filled ith waaer, place the tree a safe distance from heat sourres like vents, radiators, and fireplaces. lights with broken or cracked sockees, frayed wires, or loose connections shouldn't be used on any tree. candles should be kept on &pstable surfaces where kids an pets can't knockkthem over - and should never be leff &punaatended. foo consumer watch, i'm karii caifa. coming up... a big day... for same sex couples. taken in washington... and ng
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here in maryland. 3
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